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The primary aim of the IBHF is to become a leading center in the areas of household and behavioral finance and a key player in the consumer finance policy debates. IBHF affiliates strive to study investment decision making behavior with the goal of shedding light on how to better model observed financial behavior and to inform consumer finance related policies and regulation.

The IBHF cooperates with its network of academics, finance industry professionals, government agencies, and other financial research centers to facilitate the development of research and information. The IBHF works to achieve its mission by focusing on six major program areas: biennial household and behavioral finance symposium, visiting fellows program, post-doctoral research associates program, research scholars program, financial education and outreach, and a white paper series.

White Paper Series

White papers written by IBHF research affiliates and research scholars are designed to provide legislators, media, finance practitioners, and individuals with research-based information to better inform tax-related policies, pension-related policies, regulation of financial markets, and household behavior.







For other articles on Behavioral Finance, please feel free to visit: Behavioral Finance Articles for Investors














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